Occupational Training Center (OTC) is committed to building an organization that will educate, motivate, and inspire Retail Pharmacy Technicians.  Our program is dedicated to the future of the Pharmacy Technician!  We are an organization that offers each student the education they need to secure employment in entry-level positions.  

When completing our program, the student will be able to find work in both the retail and hospital setting. 

The benefit of our program is to:

  • Provide a 40-hour clinical at various pharmacies that approve hands-on training.
  • Establish a sense of self-worth and integrity.
  • Give positive job opportunities.
  • Give them room to grow and advance in the Pharmacy profession.

Our Affordable Tuition Includes: 

  • Pharmacy Technician Training Manual
  • Generic Brand Handbook
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • State License.
  • 40 hours of Clinical Rotation at various approved Pharmacies
  • Medical Scrubs for Clinical Site